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Help Beirut's youth create a better futureThe devastating explosion in Beirut has hit the city’s children and youth particularly hard.By supporting this campaign you will help to give them a safe place to meet and practice sports in safe communities.What do you support?Young people in Beirut are suffering right now in a city wrecked by the devastating explosion, by economic collapse and by political frustration which leaves young people with little hope for the future. Children and young people lack safe places to meet, to play sports and to thrive. It is pivotal to include youth when we want to create change for youth and when you support this campaign, you donate basketball hoops, football goals and balls for the establishment of a GAME House in Beirut together with local youth. A GAME House is a roofed street sports space where children and young people can gather in positive communities.GAME House destroyedThe abandoned industrial building that was supposed to be the first GAME House in Lebanon was, like much of the city, heavily damaged by the explosion in Beirut. The non-profit street sports organization GAME is now rebuilding the dream of a safe place for youth to come together for street sports, culture and youth-leadership.With your help, a GAME House in Beirut will provide children and youth in the shattered city a place to meet, to be heard, do street sports, culture and build community – and to find the strength to rebuild their city.What happens if a GAME House in Beirut does not become a reality?Lebanon is an unstable place to work right now. That’s exactly why GAME is there. Children and youth are always particularly vulnerable when a country is in crisis, when disaster strikes, when the political system fails, when voices are oppressed, and rights are violated. GAME has been working in Lebanon since 2007 to make a social difference through youth-led street sports and culture. Because we know how powerful it is to give the baton to youth when we want to create change for youth. If the GAME House in Beirut unexpectedly does not become a reality, your money will go to renovate other public spaces in Beirut for street sports, children and youth.

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GAME's work for social change for children and youth

When you create a fundraising, you are helping girls and boys in vulnerability in Africa, Europe and the Middle East to get the opportunity to participate in positive street sports communities.You contribute to GAME’s work to create lasting social changes through youth-led street sports for children and young people, transform industrial buildings into innovative sports facilities and to train young role models to run street sports activities for children in underserved communities.Why support access to street sports? Street sports are particularly suitable for reaching at-risk children and young people who are not part of a positive, active community. Activities in GAME require no equipment, level or payment and can therefore get more children and youth involved and active in community across ethnicity, religion and social background.

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Donér og giv en udflugt til frivillige og børn i GAME

Det har været en hård tid med Covid-19, aflyste træninger og isolation fra fællesskabet.Vil du bidrage til, at GAME’s frivillige kan invitere børn i deres GAME-Zone på en udflugt for at booste deres fællesskab?GAME’s frivillige Playmakere har gjort en brav indsats for at aktivere børn og unge på alternative måder – men der er ingen tvivl om, at børnene savnede at mødes på asfalten.Når du donerer 200 kr. går pengene til, at GAME’s frivillige kan invitere børn i deres GAME-zone på en særlig udflugt for at booste deres fællesskab.Tusind tak for din støtte❤️Læs mere på https://game.ngo/da/stoet/

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